November 2023

Elder Service program in Lo Espejo home

In November, RedELEAM launched the pilot plan of the Senior Service Program, in the Day Center of Lo Espejo, aiming to implement it in 2024.
The Elder Service Program seeks to provide management support to care devices for Chile’s senior citizens most in need, based on the Management Manual for ELEAM, which was launched in mid-2016 by Fundación Oportunidad Mayor, in collaboration with Corporación Simón de Cirene and the sponsorship of SENAMA, and updated in October 2023.
The contents of the manual are: Management from a Rights Approach, Mission, Residents, Services, Structure, People Management, Resource Management, Network Management, Administration, Conduct and Contingency Management. To measure the progress in management of the establishments, an evaluation guideline is applied at the beginning and end of the consultancies. At the last meeting, a final report was delivered that contains all the content and implementations that have been made with the consultancies, as well as a table with the mission and values of the establishment.

Academy Activities

This month, along with the technical training centers INACAP and AEIP, RedELEAM participated in two working groups that aimed to plan the interventions and opportunities that the year 2024 will require in terms of care, attention and support for older people and the operation of an ELEAM, relating them to the contents of the various careers that these centers offer nationwide.
In addition, the executive director of RedELEAM, Soledad Alcalde, participated in the launch of the new Center for Social Projects and Challenges of the Social Work program at Universidad Gabriela Mistral. Paula Forttes, Director of the Aging and Care Area of FLACSO, also participated in the meeting. The challenges that exist at the national level in relation to care services for the elderly were analyzed.

Volunteer activities

During November, the ELEAM Amor por Ti home (Puente Alto) received a visit from two RedELEAM allies. Volunteer teachers and students from the Universidad del Desarrollo’s Dentistry program carried out an evaluation; and Colegio Almenar School (Pirque) delivered non-perishable food and spent the morning talking with the residents, who told them about their experience of living in an ELEAM home.
RedELEAM, in alliance with P&M Foods, held a cooking workshop at the ELEAM Vida Bella home in Ñuñoa, where 9 residents, a care team and interns participated.
An afternoon of fun, where the residents were able to demonstrate their culinary skills, share recipes, and reminisce about their favorite foods and preparations.


Along with Fundación Careno, and in alliance with GLOMAX, it was possible to reach twelve ELEAM homes in the Metropolitan Region, Valparaíso and Antofagasta, with donations of diapers, bed sheets, clinical cots, wheelchairs, anti-decubitus mattresses, masks and more.
Likewise, in collaboration with Ripley, more than 500 drums of alcohol gel and masks were picked up and delivered to 12 ELEAM homes in the Metropolitan Region.