March 2024

Collaboration meeting

With the objective of facilitating exchange between ELEAM centres, an online meeting was coordinated with eight ELEAM representatives from the Metropolitan and Valparaíso Regions, where they had the chance to discuss effective practices for organising the work shifts in accordance with new labour legislation, mainly for direct contact assistants, TENS and food handlers.
This made it possible to identify and understand the difficulty and diversity that exists in compliance with the current regulations, Decree No. 14, and the demands of the Labour Directorate.


A volunteering program was arranged at the ELEAM centre Fundación El Legado del Nono, in the Araucanía Region.
Delia, a volunteer and speech therapist, carried out cognitive evaluations on the residents during March and, in coordination with the management, committed to visiting the ELEAM centre at least once a month to conduct stimulation activities that aim to be of interest to the elderly.
Cynthia Seymour, Manager of the ELEAM centre, comments, “We want to express our most sincere gratitude for facilitating the visit of the speech therapist Delia to our El Legado del Nono home. Her dedication and professionalism were a great help to our residents, and we are very happy to be considered in her work. Her support means a lot to us and those we care for. Thank you for making a difference in their lives!”


The 2024 version of the Servicio Mayor Program began, a consulting plan based on the Management Manual for ELEAM.
Within the framework of the “Business Model” course directed by Universidad Gabriela Mistral professor Pierluigi Valdatta, 4th year students will carry out this great program that will provide practical tools during the first semester to improve the management of the four participating ELEAM centres. Senior volunteer tutors from Red ELEAM and Fundación Más will also participate.


The foundation participated in the Outreach & Engagement Fair at Universidad Gabriela Mistral. On the occasion, Soledad Alcalde, executive director of the foundation, spoke about the benefits and opportunities of working with academia. In addition, the objectives of the Foundation and the programs in execution were displayed at a stand for the students.

External Advisory Council for Outreach & Engagement

The executive director of the RedELEAM Foundation participated in a new session of the External Advisory Council for Outreach & Engagement that was held at Universidad Gabriela Mistral.
Topics such as the use of artificial intelligence, the well-being of the elderly, and financial education were addressed.
The meeting was led by the UGM Academic Vice-Rector, who received the external members of the Council: the Superintendent of Bankruptcy and Resumption; the director of RedELEAM; the CMPC Corporate Affairs Manager; the director of Coca-Cola Andina; and Microsoft’s director of Public Sector for Chile and Argentina.


RedELEAM Foundation participated in the technical roundtable of the Ministry of Health with other actors in the area to review the update of the new Decree 20, which will govern the ELEAM centres in Chile beginning in 2025. There, observations and objections were shared on various points and demands of the document, which will be reviewed for its much desired approval.