November 2023

“P!ensa tu Constitución” project begins

With the purpose of increasing knowledge about the proposal of the New Constitution among the inhabitants of the Valparaíso Region and, in this way, encouraging citizen participation and promoting informed debate around the December 17, 2023 referendum, Fundación P!ensa launched the P!ensa tu Constitución (Think about your Constitution) project.
The initiative includes communication actions in local media, as well as activities on the ground that spread information about the proposal and clarify citizens’ doubts.
The organization will tour all the provinces of the Valparaíso Region before December 17.

Conversation: What do we have at stake on December 17?

In an activity carried out in conjunction with the Centro Valparaíso de Debates, the former president of the Constitutional Council, Beatriz Hevia, along with the former counselor, Edmundo Eluchans, presented their points of view on the content of the proposal and the main challenges that lie ahead for the new constitutional text facing the plebiscite.
More than 200 attendees participated in the meeting.