December 2023

End of the “P!ensa tu Constitución” Project

December concluded the P!ensa tu Constitución (Think about your Constitution) project, which aimed to inform the inhabitants of the Valparaíso Region about the proposal for the New Constitution, in order to encourage citizen participation and informed debate around the December 2023 plebiscite.
During the project, the following activities were carried out:
– A total of 123 encounters, including meetings, talks and events, achieving a total of 1,112 in-person attendees, reaching 32 municipalities in all provinces of the Valparaíso Region.

– 20,000 print guides were delivered (photos attached) and 32,700 guides were downloaded in digital format.
– 1,036 radio ads were broadcast on different local radio stations in the region, and we had 3 radio programs of our own (on La Matriz, Festival and El Conquistador radio stations).
– 20 Constitutional Capsules, 9 P!ensa Dialogues with prominent guests and 11 live broadcasts of the La Pizarrita program were published on social networks, reaching 13,249,000 impressions and 3,074,285 views.