April 2024

Empowering the truth

On Tuesday, April 23, the conference “Empoderando la verdad” (Empowering the truth) was held, an activity carried out in conjunction with the United States Embassy. The event took place at Valparaíso Sporting Club in commemoration of the thirty-first Press Freedom Day. More than 300 attendees gathered to reflect on misinformation, technology and the challenges currently facing the media, with talks by international experts James Katz and Ellen Helsper, and Chilean academics John Charney and Claudia Mellado.

One of the milestones of the event was the award granted to the oldest circulating newspaper in Latin America, El Mercurio de Valparaíso, for its invaluable contribution to the Valparaíso region and the national press.

Secondary Students conference

In the context of Press Freedom Day, the “Leaders of Tomorrow” conference was carried out, aimed at secondary students belonging to student bodies from the seven continental provinces of the Valparaíso Region. More than 500 young people gathered at the Sporting Club to see the presentations by academics James Katz and Ellen Helsper and reflect on how social media and technology are impacting their information consumption and daily lives. Additionally, in order to enhance their leadership tools, attendees took part in different workshops and talks with their teachers, one of which was conducted by P!ensa young leader Emmanuel Prat.

Participation in seminars

FAt the “Actualidad Tributaria” (Current State of Taxes) seminar, held by Universidad de Concepción, researcher Ignacio Aravena presented the study “Las malas decisiones cuestan” (The high cost of bad decisions). This study, made possible by donations of data from local companies, addressed the elimination of special credit for construction companies and how this can reduce the construction of social housing, especially in metropolitan areas like Valparaíso and Santiago. The researcher explained how the companies’ willingness to pay reduces to about half of current values, implying that most current projects could no longer be carried out without the tax benefit.

International researchers tour

Our Director of Studies, Maximiliano Duarte, and researchers Pedro Fierro and Manuel Díaz, attended the Global Innovations in Democracy: Parliamentary Exchange held in Washington, D.C. The event, organised by the Institute for Democracy, Engagement and Accountability (IDEA) at The Ohio State University, brought together international delegations to discuss citizen participation.

Talks at UAI

P!ensa researchers took part in the cycle of talks entitled “Understanding Society and its Contemporary Challenges” at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, specifically in the talk “Socio-Digital Inequalities in critical digital literacy: Consequences for (mis)informed citizens”. At the event, Ellen Helsper (London School of Economics) spoke, and UAI professors Arturo Arriagada and Luis Enrique Santana served as commentators. The meeting, organised in conjunction with the UAI’s Business School, brought together academics and researchers from different schools to discuss ideas about digital inequalities and information in an academic environment.