November 2023

IRP in the Final Stretch of the constitutional process: “In Favor” campaign, on the ground, press and debate on Agriculture TV

Looking ahead to the plebiscite on December 17, Instituto Res Publica has deployed itself in various tasks. First, it issued a public statement indicating institutional support for the “A Favor” (“in favor”) option, publishing a series of documents, including the “15 key themes of the Council’s proposal,” plus the analysis for Crónica Constitucional published in El Mercurio with the headline “More than half of the votes in the Constitutional Council had more than 90% support in the plenary session.”

On the other hand, Constitutional talks began to be carried out in the field, in various media outlets, and in neighborhood meetings. Finally, the first episode of the debate program “Recta Final: A Favor o En Contra” was developed, produced and recorded, which will be broadcast on Agricultura TV starting this Saturday, December 2.

Activation and training of young people: more than 370 people in November activities

Chile Siempre and Instituto Res Publica carried out a total of 20 activities in different areas. Some of the most relevant were the constitutional Public Meeting in Icare, the Pro-Life Youth Meeting, Chile Lee + sessions in a school in the municipality of Santiago, and training sessions for Duoc UC leaders in the regions of Los Lagos, Bío Bío and Valparaíso, among others.

A total of 370 people attended these events, most of them young people interested in public affairs and/or who exercise leadership roles.

Start of the Diploma course in Comprehensive Management of Experience, Services and Student Affairs at IRP along with CEU San Pablo

In conjunction with Universidad CEU San Pablo (Madrid), Instituto Res Publica launched a Diploma Course in Comprehensive Management of Experience, Services and Student Affairs, aimed at providing tools to those who are at the front line of relationship and work with students who stand out for their vocation social and service.

The program, carried out in a hybrid format, has 8 students who currently work at three different institutions. Until now, the classes have been taught by renowned professors, such as Rector Ignacio Sánchez, and the former Minister of Education Raúl Figueroa.