March 2024

Workshop for student representatives at Universidad Autónoma in Santiago, Talca and Temuco

Among Instituto Res Publica’s varied educational outreach activities carried out during March, some of the most noteworthy were the four workshops for student representatives at Universidad Autónoma. These events were held in each of the institution’s four campuses: Providencia, San Miguel, Talca and Temuco. More than 170 young people participated and learned about topics such as positive leadership, exercising the role of representative, and tools for respectful dialogue and debate.

Instituto Res Publica Institute at the international level

During March, members of Instituto Res Publica had outstanding participation in international events. One such member was Álvaro Iriarte, Director of Content at IRP, who attended the inaugural session of the Master of Liberal Arts at the University of Chicago, where he was recently appointed member of the advisory committee.

On the other hand, José Francisco Lagos, Jorge Acosta and Julio Isamit represented IRP at a meeting of Ibero-American think tanks and institutions invited by Universidad CEU San Pablo’s Centro de Estudios, Formación y Análisis Social, in Madrid.

Public Meeting “Venezuela 2024: Elections and Perspectives”

Instituto Res Publica held a public meeting with the online participation of Julio Borges, former president of the National Assembly of Venezuela (who is exiled in Madrid), and Marcel Oppliger, editor of Opinion at Diario Financiero and author of the book “The Failed Revolution. A Trip to Hugo Chávez’s Venezuela”. They addressed the situation in the Latin American country and the current scenario in the face of the upcoming questioned presidential elections organised by the regime.

New Podcast: “La Conversa”

As part of the effort to strengthen its presence on YouTube, Instituto Res Publica launched a new program and podcast called “La Conversa”, hosted by Ricardo Hernández and Esteban Montaner. This space joins “La Bitácora”, the new strategy of broadcasting meetings, current affairs shorts, and documentaries on topics such as the 50 years since the fall of the Allende government and the fall of the Berlin Wall.