January 2024

Launch of the “Health for Chile” initiative.

Within the framework of the country’s current health crisis, the IRP Health and Bioethics Program launched the #SaludParaChile campaign, which seeks to instil in public opinion the sense of urgency required to find a solution to this topic because of the lives at stake. 

The campaign considers the collection of signatures via www.saludparachile.cl, several appearances in both traditional and digital media, and the publication of resources to contribute figures to the debate.

Training plan for the IRP team in January, “The West: idea and reality.”

During this month IRP offered its team a four-session training cycle, addressing the meaning of the West, its transcendental influence on our culture, and the threats it currently faces. This initiative is framed around the commitment to the cultural and intellectual development of the team, but, at the same time, in the need to provide knowledge and tools for this year’s public debate, in post-constitutional-discussion Chile, and given a global context where the logic of the West as an example of development is threatened.

New Politics and Society program by Instituto Res Publica

In the context of the end of the constitutional discussion and given the new scenario, Instituto Res Publica created the Politics and Society program. This program will be dedicated to monitoring the debate, building bridges with relevant actors, and seeking and executing mechanisms to influence public opinion regarding relevant topics for the country, thus pursuing the promotion and installation of the ideology of a free, fair society with full respect for human dignity.