April 2024

Family Meeting for Life

On Saturday, April 20, the first Family Meeting for Life was held, where the book “Abortion and Euthanasia in Chile. Dilemmas about the right to life” was presented to 200 attendees. In it, more than 30 authors respond to a hundred of the most common and fundamental questions in the debate. In addition, the plan was announced to hold presentations of the book in different cities of the country.

Closing in Madrid of the first version of the diploma course

The closing internship was held for the students of the Diploma Course in Comprehensive Management of Experience, Service and Student Affairs, which Res Publica carries out with Universidad CEU San Pablo. In this context, the students attended a week of classes and activities, such as visits to the Royal Palace of Madrid, Toledo and the Prado Museum, among others; and meetings with figures such as the Chilean ambassador to Spain and the former chief of the Spanish General Staff.
After a positive outcome, and with the first generation of graduates of the diploma – all professionals who work at 3 prestigious Chilean universities – the institute is preparing to begin the call for applications for the second version during 2024.

Opinion Leaders Network

Aiming to strengthen the public debate, IRP launched a new network of opinion leaders. Sixty such leaders, including parliamentarians, politicians, influencers and academics, among others, will periodically receive an IRP Bulletin, which provides the news topics with the greatest impact (identified through active listening on social media), in addition to valuable data and reflections to serve as input for public debate.