February 2024

program in a place like Vodudahue and Placeta, with everything its nature and environment have to offer.
It is important to recognize the effort and performance of the Placeta and Vodudahue team, who participated and supported the implementation of the program from beginning to end.
Significant learning and evaluation materials were gleaned from the program, as well as possible improvement opportunities, both for the activities and for the team and support staff at Vodudahue, which must be studied and taken into account. It is also expected that the guests’ views and evaluations will be discussed in person with management.

 has her own foundation, dedicated to education and development of outdoor programs for young people and entrepreneurs in Mexico and Latin America. The main objective of her participation was to observe the development of the program and evaluate possibilities of collaboration with her clients at Vodudahue.

The program’s main activities were similar to those of the previous season, dividing the group into two patrols that climbed the via ferrata to Douglas Point, as well as the descent by way of the Vodudahue River in packraft.
In addition to exploring the environment and land navigation, the group visited the Porcelana hot springs and concluded with a Patagonia-style barbecue, promoting the integration and

participation of local communities and residents of the Vodudahue area.

The program obtained excellent results and had a positive impact regarding both the activities carried out and the program itself. The participants, guests and Vertical guides sincerely valued the opportunity to carry out this type of

Wharton Leadership Venture - Vodudahue, March 2024

A very relevant intervention was the second edition of the Leadership Venture with the Wharton MBA. Thirty MBA students (1st and 2nd year), as well as special guests from the university and Fundación Vertical, enjoyed a great experience and adventure, having the logistics, facilities, personnel and natural areas at their disposal, and interacting with the local community.
Some of Wharton’s special guests were Jules Roy (Senior Associate Director of the McNulty Leadership Program), and Adrian de Chilly (new Wharton partner in Chamonix, France, and development director of Mountain Pass). Their presence aimed to support the development of the program and explore new alternatives for future collaboration with Vodudahue. In addition, they extended a special invitation to one of their collaborators in Mexico, Karla Wheelock, a renowned mountaineer and female figure in the region. Karla

Nido de Águilas School Program

For the first time, as a new educational management proposal, an environmental education and nature adventure program called “Week Without Walls” was carried out with Nido de Águilas high school students. This activity took place mainly at the Pillán facilities, and participants visited the Placeta and Vodudahue sectors for two days. They also established bonds with the local community of Vodudahue and Pillán, collaborating with them in various program processes. It is important to highlight the support of Mrs. Ingrid (wife of Don Lalo) and Jaime (in charge of beekeeping in Pillán).

Placeta Management

Additionally, work has been carried out in recent months on the construction of stainless steel stairs, which will replace the current wooden ones, passing through the “Ranas” camp on the main route to the Douglas Point dome. These stairs are close to being delivered and should be installed in the middle of this year.
It is important to note that the design processes have been reviewed and adapted to arrive at the most suitable solution for a safe and durable structure.Es importante destacar que han estado revisando y adaptando los procesos de diseño para llegar a lo que consideran la solución más adecuada para una estructura segura y duradera..