Enero 2024

Grant for Research, Education and Culture Projects

Fundación Alerce 3000 announced the beneficiaries of the Grant for Research, Education and Culture Projects, which enjoyed great participation and interest. The winners are: “Exploring mycorrhizal symbiosis in the southern fjords: Expedition in the Vodudahue Reserve”, “Bringing the mysteries of seabirds closer to the community of the Vodudahue Valley and Comau Fjord”, and “Spatiotemporal dynamics of Chiroptera communities in the Vodudahue Valley, and raising local awareness about the importance of their ecosystem.” All of these projects are directed by experts of note in their areas, and aim to contribute to both scientific research and public understanding.

VESUVO project campaign

The VESUVO project campaign began with the delivery of the equipment donated to Universidad Austral to carry out the project. The researchers, who are already in Vodudahue, will spend 15 days collecting soil and vegetation samples.

Collaboration with Universidad Austral projects

We worked hand in hand with Universidad Austral to refine and sign collaboration agreements for the projects Sound Heritage of Vodudahue (Patrimonio Sonoro de Vodudahue, PASOVO), Understanding Vodudahue’s Hydroclimate History (Comprendiendo la Historia Hidro Climática de Vodudahue, COHIVO) and Study of Vodudahue Valley’s Vegetation and Soil (Estudio de Vegetación y Suelo del Valle de Vodudahue, VESUVO)

Construction of a lodge

Looking to develop tourism in Vodudahue and improve accommodation capacity, the team has begun construction of a lodge and platforms on the Douglas Point trail. These platforms will serve as a base for the installation of tents and arctic shelters.

Collaboration with

Visit of prominent biologists from Chile and the United Kingdom to Vodudahue

Between January 8 and 14, bryophyte specialists Juan Larraín (Chile) and Des Callaghan (United Kingdom) visited Vodudahue with two objectives. The first was to take photographs of mosses, liverworts and hornworts characteristic of temperate forests, which the British scientist photographed with the focus stacking technique to achieve very sharp images. Secondly, Dr. Larraín took the opportunity to complete his species inventory (started in 2022), for which he accessed other areas that he was unable to travel to on his first campaign. Of these sites, the most significant and that which will probably constitute the most numerous contribution to new species for the list, which already exceeds 260, is the area between the evergreen forest, including the “stairway to heaven”, and the summit of Douglas Point.

Biology student internship at Vodudahue nursery

As part of the support program for the Vodudahue nursery, the internship of UC Biological Sciences student Sol Bercovich was prepared during November and December, and carried out in January. She participated in routine nursery tasks, such as using irrigation equipment, cleaning seeds and planting, relocating stakes, weeding, and others. Additionally, she worked on the development of the Vodudahue Nursery Manual to include information on the different species grown there. An important product of her thesis is the “phenological wheels”, calendars that describe the different stages of development of a species during the year. We greatly appreciate Katherinne Triviño’s and Yessenia Serón’s support and guidance in this process, as well as Helmut Huber’s leadership.

Completion of Field Botany course in Placeta

The course was led by biologist and taxonomist trained at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Nicolás Lavandero. It took place between January 9 and 13, with 6 participants, plus nursery manager Katherinne Triviño, who was able to join them on the last day. In the field, it was possible to explore various areas of the reserve in search of different flowering species; specimens were collected to learn how to use the botanical press; plants were dissected to observe under the three magnifying glasses arranged for the occasion. Also, theoretical classes, reviews and tests were carried out, with the aim of producing the greatest possible amount of knowledge in this period. The group ended with an outing to the Porcelana hot springs.

Collaboration with

Support and collaborations

Fundación Vertical supported the explorer team at the Ranas camp with food and collaborated in the removal of merchandise for the Discovery and Vodudahue central nursery. Additionally, the first extraction of recycling materials in the Vodudahue Valley was carried out.

Cleaning and maintenance

During the last few weeks, weeds have been removed from the entrance to the church and the cemetery. Also, mud paths have been repaired, and new stainless steel stairs were manufactured for the DP trail.

Security work

Durante enero se confeccionaron los letreros pequeños que indicarán el lugar, altitud, nombre del siguiente punto con su respectiva distancia. Además, se ha prestado asistencia en la postura de balizas puestas en las 3 boyas a la entrada del río y en el pararrayos, con las medidas de seguridad.