December 2023

Promotion of the Field Botany course

The promotion (on social networks and by email) for the Field Botany course led by the biologist and taxonomist Nicolás Lavandero began in December. This course will take place between January 9 and 13 in Placeta and aims to provide students with basic skills to carry out botanical field work. It is designed for beginner botanists and ecologists, or amateur enthusiasts. The course will cover modules such as introduction to botany, plant identification, preparation for field work and data recording.

Finding of huillín in Lot 2, an endangered species

As part of the fauna monitoring by the Reñihué Foundation, researcher Thomas Kramer revealed important video documentation by the camera traps installed in Lot 2: the huillín (in the image, on the left), a species in danger of extinction. This is the first time that its presence in Vodudahue has been confirmed with physical evidence. The presence of mink (lower right corner) was also confirmed, and its use of the same space as the huillín suggests possible competition between the two. Meanwhile, pumas were recorded once again during the day in other areas of the property.

Application to the Alerce 3000 “Discovering the Sublime” Grant

In addition to sending the rules of the Alerce 3000 grant application to the researchers who are part of the Chilco network, three applications were prepared by the team. The first corresponds to the continuation of the phenological monitoring being carried out with interns from the P. Universidad Católica de Chile and the Edinburgh Botanical Garden, related to the annual cycles of key species in the valley, in order to estimate impacts of climate change. The second is an illustrated guide to Vodudahue mushrooms, with special emphasis on the bioluminescent mushroom (Mycena luxaustralis). And the third, a publication that includes the anthropological study by student Valentina Vivanco, who has been working during 2023 as part of her internship and university thesis, conducting a bibliographic review and interviews with the inhabitants of the valley.