April 2024

Vizcacha Research from Patagonia

Fernanda Pizarro and Alejandro Sánchez conducted a monitoring campaign of the Wolffsohn’s viscacha (vizcacha de la Patagonia), in which they spotted 6 viscachas and found droppings and fur, which was the main mission. Additionally, three camera traps were installed and two sampling stations were selected to characterise the habitat.

Work with fauna in Reñihué

Local fauna was tracked and monitored in Reñihué, a tide gauge was installed in Huinay, and support was provided to the viscacha monitoring team in their habitat characterisation work.

Residences and internships

The Temperate Forest Fern Line Drawing Workshop was carried out from April 14 to 19. Also, sensors were activated in Vodudahue greenhouses with support from Tide, and the inventory of Vodudahue nursery plants was monitored for projects in Caleta Gonzalo and Huinay.