February 2024

New FPP course “What is liberalism? Origin, evolution and current challenges”

What is liberalism? How did it originate? What currents of thought can be called liberal? How has this tradition evolved since the 17th century and who are its main figures and thinkers? What is the substantial relationship between liberalism and democracy? In this 4-session course, students will address these and many other concerns and topics along with Axel Kaiser, Jorge Gómez Arismendi, Juan L. Lagos and Benjamín Ugalde, and learn about what liberalism is, its origin, evolution and current challenges.

Ágora Live | The Communist Illusion. Origin, relevance and presence in Latin America

On its Ágora Live program, the FPP addressed the most relevant contents of the new book “The Communist Illusion: Origin, Manifestations, Relevance and Presence in Latin America”, a concise, accessible, yet exhaustive narrative of the history of communism on a global level.

Written by Venezuelan economist Guillermo Rodríguez, the book addresses the development of communist thought from its origins to its transformation into Marxism, and does so not only through theory but also the practice of communism, particularly during the era of the Soviet Union, examining its international impact and its variations in China, Cambodia and Latin America, with special emphasis on the Cuban Revolution.

Isapres: A crisis of the system?

In this new session of Ágora Live, we reflect and deliberate on the current situation of the Isapres (private health insurance companies); the dilemmas that arise in the face of the Supreme Court ruling and the proposed bills; the probable advent of a crisis; the implications for the health system in general, and the possible solutions to the current critical scenario. To address this issue, we have Paula Daza, former Undersecretary of Health, and current Executive Director of CIPS-UDD (Center for Public Policies and Innovation in Health of the Universidad del Desarrollo).

Entre Líneas | Judge Urrutia: Guardian of justice or threat to fundamental rights?

“The problem with Daniel Urrutia is that his behaviour is incompatible with that of a judge of the Republic. His expressions and actions are irreconcilable with those of an impartial and independent judge. And this seriously affects our fundamental rights,” says Juan Lagos in a new episode of Entre Líneas.