Newsletter Vertical - Octubre 2023

New guides join the Placeta staff

This month, as was agreed with Alerce 3000, two more guides, Kevin Ojeda and Dalai Vivar, joined the permanent Placeta work staff. They will be supporting the work of Placeta-Vodudahue during October, November and December 2023. Thanks to their incorporation, the DP and Tejuelero trails began intensive maintenance work in order to achieve optimal conditions for the 2023-24 summer season.

Tourists are already arriving in Placeta, a little earlier than in the 2022-23 season.

Cleaning services

Vertical guides do not stop – especially now that the summer is approaching. Multiple activities were carried out during October, including:
– Inspection visit to the Douglas Point trail, forest sector, to assess damage after the recent storms.
– Transfer of oil from generators to containers, and of fuel to the tanks in the fuel room.
– Cutting of trees that fell on the Douglas Point trail, which were transformed into material for railings and steps that may be required in the future.
– Cleaning the central pool, church, gym, kitchen, fuel tanks and the Abascal boat.
– Transfer of containers to merchandise and firewood storage areas.