Newsletter - September

IRP documentary marking 50 years since the institutional collapse

Regarding the institutional collapse in Chile and the end of the Popular Unity government, Instituto Res Publica presented and disseminated the documentary “Chile 1970-1973: Crisis and death of Democracy”, as part of its cycle “IRP 50 Years Special”. The audiovisual work aims to analyze the institutional historical period, prior to the Popular Unity government and September 11, 1973, in order to delve into a longer-range understanding of the institutional crisis that sealed the 20th century in Chile. Francisco Vidal, Sergio Bitar, Roberto Ampuero, Sergio Romero, María Cecilia Cifuentes, Cristián Garay, Patricia Arancibia, Joaquín Fermandois and Alejandro San Francisco participate.

The documentary addresses topics such as Chilean democracy under the 1925 Constitution, the impact of the era of revolutions in Chile, the emergence of global projects, the role of the economy as an accelerator of events, and the relationship between the armed forces and politics, among other topics.

The avant premiere was held at Icare on September 6 and was attended by more than 90 people, who had the opportunity to listen to the reflections of Professor Alejandro San Francisco and former minister Francisco Vidal.
The documentary already has more than 66,000 views on YouTube

Reflections on the Popular Unity administration

Within the framework of the “IRP 50 Years Special”, Instituto Res Publica published a series of fundamental documents to contribute to the reflection on the Popular Unity (UP) government. Also, meetings were held with opinion leaders, and a communication campaign was carried out in the media.

New Diploma in alliance with Universidad CEU San Pablo

Together with the Universidad CEU San Pablo (Spain), Instituto Res Publica launched the Comprehensive Management of Student Experience, Services and Affairs diploma, aimed at those in charge of student affairs at higher education institutions, whose purpose is to provide tools to promote positive leadership in educational communities.

Download program in PDF

Communication campaign: National Lithium Strategy

Regarding the National Lithium Strategy, Instituto Res Publica has carried out an important communication campaign in order to participate in this debate. Among other discussions, it addresses the myth that state ownership or control of an asset makes it the property of all Chileans and that, therefore, the entire population or an important part of it would benefit, directly or indirectly, from the exercise of the powers of ownership over said property.

In order to provide visibility for the current situation, several appearances were made in different national and regional media during September. Likewise, the first set of infographics with statistics on Chile and lithium is being prepared.

Video Column by Patrick Poblete on Radio Biobío:

Column by Alvaro Iriarte on CNN (spanish):