Chile Más Hoy October 2023 Newsletter

Launch of senior grants

With the aim of continuing to promote the well-being and active participation of the elderly, this month we launched our first grant, in alliance with www.misionmultiplica.cl. The initiative seeks to aid organizations committed to promoting active aging; supporting the training of caregivers; and improving public policies related to aging.
The response we have received has been overwhelming and full of hope. More than 80 organizations from all corners of Chile have submitted their projects, which demonstrates the solidity and maturity of our civil society. Each proposal is a reflection of our community’s commitment and dedication to creating a better future for everyone, especially the most vulnerable senior citizens.
We are currently evaluating these inspiring projects, in order to select those that most align with our mission and values. We are committed to ensuring that resources and support reach those who need it most, to continue building a society that values and cares for the elderly.

300 years of Adam Smith

We thought that commemorating the 300th anniversary of the birth of Adam Smith would be a valuable opportunity to explore the life and work of this influential Scottish thinker. Information about his personal life is scarce, but his intellectual legacy endures and remains relevant today.
In order to give new life to the postulates of the father of free market economics and demonstrate that his legacy is still valid after 300 years, we invited Brandeis University academic and Ph.D. from Columbia, Jerry Muller, for his deep understanding of Smith’s economic and philosophical theories. Recognized as one of the world’s leading Smith biographers, Muller has dedicated his career to researching and teaching on a wide variety of historical and contemporary topics, including capitalism, nationalism, conservatism, and the history of social, political, economic and religious thought. His experience and knowledge in these fields make him a natural choice to address the complex theories of Adam Smith.
One of the most common misconceptions about Smith is that he promoted extreme selfishness and unfettered capitalism. However, a careful reading of his works reveals that Smith highlighted empathy and compassion as fundamental concepts. Muller gave four presentations in front of high school juniors and seniors from several Santiago-area schools; businessmen and academics; business executives; and Fundación para el Progreso alumni, where he clarified these misinterpretations and highlighted the importance of sympathy in Smith’s philosophy.