IRP Newsletter - October 2023

IRP Debate and Education Instances – ChileSiempre

During October, IRP and ChileSiempre held 15 educational events, including workshops, talks and meetings, which more than 640 people attended. Some of the most significant events were the workshops carried out in collaboration with organizations such as Duoc UC, INACAP and UDD. Most notable were the “Chile Lee+” sessions, a ChileSiempre project in which volunteers support children between 2nd and 4th grade from vulnerable areas who do not know how to read; the Economic Training Academy in municipal high schools; and the public presentation entitled “Four years after the October Revolution” at ICARE, with Alfredo Sepúlveda and Alejandro San Francisco.

Encuentro Público “A 4 años de la Revolución de Octubre” con Alejandro San Francisco y Alfredo Sepúlveda.

Sesión de la Academia de Formación Económica en el colegio Antártica Chilena.

Sesión de la Academia de Liderazgo Público de IRP y Pensando Chile, proyecto de ChileSiempre.

Voluntarios de “Chile Lee +” en un taller en la escuela “Reyes Católicos” de Santiago Centro.

Public Appearances.

During October, IRP and ChileSiempre made more than 65 appearances on radio and in the press, including media outlets such as El Mercurio, La Tercera, CNN Chile, Radio Bío Bío, Radio Agricultura, Radio USACH, El Líbero and Diario Constitucional.
Particularly noteworthy is the appearance on the front page of El Mercurio of the report issued by the IRP Electoral Political Observatory, which indicated the differences, measured by entropy – or chaos – in the votes of the Constitutional Council and the Constitutional Convention, with the current Council having a clear advantage.

3.Deployment by debate on “permissology”

IRP has systematically addressed the problem of so-called “permissology“ (the excessive requirement of permits) in the public arena. These efforts have resulted in different appearances in the media, both in notes and in letters to the Director.

 Letter to the Director from Rodrigo Meléndez, published in La Segunda

a. Ricardo Hernández in a video column on Radio Bío Bío.

. Letter to the Director from Raimundo Astaburuaga published in La Tercera