fpp Newsletter- October 2023

Secondary School Meeting

More than 400 young people from Santiago, Valparaíso, Concepción and Valdivia participated in the secondary school students meeting EDS 2023: Young People and the Economy of the Future, whose purpose is to dialogue, reflect and learn about different topics.
Organized by Fundación para el Progreso, the meeting brought together speakers such as Jaime Mañalich, Gonzalo Sanhueza, Ricardo Irarrázaval, Romina Capetillo and Javiera Valech, who addressed topics related to finances, mental health and the environment.

Fundación para el Progreso publishes book “Ecología de libre mercado” (“Free Market Ecology”)

With the participation of experts such as Ricardo Irarrázabal, Eduardo Katz and Cristóbal de la Maza, FPP launched the book «Ecología de libre mercado» (“Free Market Ecology”), which addresses key points about the role of the government and the market in environmental protection.

Gonzalo Blumel presents his book “La Vuelta Larga” (“The Roundabout Way” at FPP Valdivia

On October 26, the former Minister of the Interior, Gonzalo Blumel, presented his book “La Vuelta Larga” (“The Roundabout Way”), where he gives a detailed view of the events of October 18, 2019, challenging generic theories with concrete facts.
The work was commented on by Jorge Vives, former governor of the Los Lagos Region, and professor of Constitutional Law, and the conversation was moderated by Mónica Moreno, director of Diario Austral Valdivia. The event was attended by 50 people, including some important authorities, such as members of Congress and of the Constitutional Council, and former mayors.

Ágora Live | Milei's political economy

What does it mean to ‘dollarize’ a country? What would be the consequences of dollarizing Argentina? What would be the possible steps and strategies for this process, and what risks could it imply? This and more on this Ágora Live, with the prominent Ph.D. in Economics and expert in dollarization, Nicolás Cachanosky, and Ph.D. in Economics and senior researcher at Fundación para el Progreso, Pablo Paniagua, both of whom speak in detail about the economic proposal of Argentine presidential candidate Javier Milei.