We support initiatives that promote the conservation of Chile’s natural heritage and encourage the responsible use of natural resources, bearing in mind the preservation of our native species. We are convinced that there can be no diversity without change, just as there can be no development without conservation. When viewed separately, they impede one another.

We support the following initiatives:


Alerce 3000 Foundation

Organisation inspired by the legacy of Douglas Tompkins, which works with Drake Group properties in Hornopirén, Vodudahue, Pillán and Puerto Natales, to carry out initiatives in sustainable agriculture, conservation, ecotourism and science. Its purpose is to promote the development of communities, preserve the environment and protect cultural heritage, while achieving national and international recognition for these endeavours. Specifically in Vodudahue, it develops conservation, ecotourism and science activities, seeking to become the gateway to the National Parks of Patagonia.

Chile Lagos Limpios

Organisation that works toward the conservation, sustainable development and resilience to climate change of Chile’s North-Patagonian lakes, through a scientific and citizen approach, with the collaboration of the University of California, Davis, to inform planning, actions and public policies. Its main achievement has been a study finding that Llanquihue (Chile’s second largest lake, at 860 km²), exhibits a characteristic lacustrine phenomenon called “turnover”.

"The Sublime must always be large; the beautiful may be small. The Sublime must be simple; the Beautiful may be decorated and adorned"

Immanuel Kant