Newsletter - September


On the occasion of 50 years since September 11, 1973, Fundación Chile + Hoy sent a commemorative symbol to more than 400 Chileans committed to making our homeland a freer, more prosperous and peaceful place.

The president of the foundation, Nicolás Ibáñez, invited us to rise to the moment and reflect on the lessons that this experience left behind, convinced that Chile has all the potential to become a socially, culturally and economically developed country in full, for which we need to focus on a common aspiration and national identity.


In compliance with its objective, on October 3, Fundación Chile + Hoy launched the “Vida Mejor” (“Better Life”) grant, which aims to collaborate with projects that promote public policies for better aging, and the aging population in general, training activities for elder care givers, and initiatives that contribute to improving the quality of life of the elderly.
Through this grant, Chile + Hoy will award up to CLP 70 million, which will be divided among the different projects selected, according to the budgets presented and the criteria of the verification committee.
To achieve maximum reach, we are using the platform www.misionmultiplica.cl, which has been jointly developed by some of the most important philanthropic foundations in Chile. We hope to receive many applications.
The call will be open until October 20, 2023.