Chile Lagos Limpios Newsletter -October 2023

Media coverage of visit to Lake Tahoe

The experience in Lake Tahoe by the Chile Lagos Limpios team has sparked significant interest from the press. Executive director Fernando Coz participated in several interviews in October, among the most relevant of which were on radio stations Duna, Bio Bío and Concierto, as well as the American Spaces Podcast. In each of them he spoke about the work carried out by the organization in terms of the conservation, sustainable development and resilience to climate change of Chile’s North-Patagonian Lakes, always through a scientific and citizen approach. He also referred to the agreements reached with Lake Tahoe’s main stakeholders in order to continue incorporating good practices in the conservation and care of southern Chilean lakes.

Roadmap for the Sustainable Development of Lake Llanquihue

During October, meeting #13 of the executive committee of the Roadmap for the Sustainable Development of Lake Llanquihue was held. More than 10 people attended, actively working to work out the final knots of the conservation process.

Presentation of group work

On October 16, students from the Corporate Communication diploma program at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile presented their group projects. It was very gratifying to see the quality of the content and the seriousness of the work.