Newsletter September

WORKING DOCUMENT N°25 | Geopolitical update of northern Chile

AthenaLab toured the border areas of the Arica and Parinacota region and the Tarapacá region to investigate the sovereignty deficit that occurs in the area, a result of the penetration of mafias, depopulation, state absence and the lack of new security approaches.  

ANALYSIS | Security agenda: How fast is the fast-track moving forward?

Considering that the second period of 150 days has passed for the drafting of bills on security matters, it is worth reviewing how quickly the parliamentary discussion is progressing, and what the bills’ possible approval would mean for Chile. A complete legislative analysis by AthenaLab. Pilar Lizana and Agustín Soto.

OPINION | Dispelling myths about war

During the last few decades, ideas without much basis in reality have emerged in the field of international security, security and defense, and some of which have ended up becoming pseudo “truths”. Based on what is happening in Ukraine and other experiences, we debunk myths that have accumulated over the last thirty or forty years of conflicts. Marcelo Masalleras.

HISTORY | Revisiting the other 50 years… and the war in Ukraine

1973 was a very complex year. Not only for Chile, but for the world. In light of the war in Ukraine, we review the lessons of the peace agreements between the United States and North Vietnam and the Yom Kippur War, which pitted several Arab countries against Israel. Juan Pablo Toro.