AthenaLab Newsletter - October 2023

SEMINAR | “Latin America in regard to Asia-Pacific/Indo-Pacific: Perspectives, Narratives and Opportunities”

AthenaLab, along with CEIUC and CEIUCA, held a successful seminar with prominent national and international panelists. Entitled “Latin America in regard to Asia-Pacific/Indo-Pacific: Perspectives, Narratives and Opportunities”, the event brought together leading international analysts from the Region.

ATHENALAB SPECIAL | Israel-Hamas conflict

AthenaLab presented a compilation of articles related to the Israel-Hamas conflict, where it is possible to find key information on this crisis. This work was possible thanks to the collaboration of leading international analysts. Likewise, members of the AthenaLab team appeared in various media outlets to analyze its development.

DIPLOMACY | AthenaLab participates in Ukrainian Foreign Ministry videoconference

The executive director of AthenaLab, Juan Pablo Toro, spoke in a video conference organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine about the urgent reform of the United Nations Security Council.

President of AthenaLab’s Advisory Council holds a conference at the 5th Ibero-American Congress of Naval Engineering in Seville

The first week of October, the “5th Ibero-American Congress of Naval Engineering” took place in Seville. Julio Leiva, President of AthenaLab’s Advisory Council, gave the presentation “Geopolitical situation and its impact on the naval defense industry in Ibero-America.”


 “New UN mission in Haiti: Kenya assumes leadership, South America distances itself.” Juan Pablo Toro

 “Intelligence and its failures.” John Griffiths and Marcelo Masalleras

  • “Usurpations: the impact of the veto on security.” Pilar Lizana and Agustín Soto.