March 2024

Promoting leadership training at an early age

In compliance with FBP’s 2024 strategic plan, a collaboration agreement was signed with Valparaíso’s Local Public Education Service (SLEP) to begin training work for students from 5th to 8th grade (equivalent to Year 6 to Year 9), with the aim of cultivating the good leaders of tomorrow from an early age.
Institutions such as Enseña Chile and Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez joined this initiative. The former will train its students to be capable of imparting leadership classes, while UAI will provide an appropriate methodology that captures the attention of children and avoids their dropping out as much as possible. All of this will be developed during the first semester, in order to be carried out in the second.
The foundation wants to go further and complement this training activity by presenting the students with successful business cases such as the Ganamar projects, in line with its maritime awareness pillar, and thus bring on other collaborators such as the Maritime League and the Museum of Engraving, which will include neurodivergent children.

FBP transforms lives at the Valparaíso Penitentiary Centre

A “Singing Workshop” was launched collaboratively by members of the Volunteering and CMCD (Musical Cities One Click Away) programs, which not only worked with the inmates of Valparaíso’s Women Penitentiary Centre, but also moved them to the point of reflection on the new opportunities that emerge from music.
María Cecilia Toledo, executive director of FBP, instructed this workshop along with Ramón Farrelly, CMCD coordinator, to provide different tools with across-the-board significance in life.
The students were able to look at themselves in the mirror, working on their expressiveness, facing their realities, and giving way to the emotionality that arose spontaneously. They also did posture and vocalisation work, which, according to their own testimony, allowed them to connect with the freedom to do the unexpected, to bring out their voices and, in doing so, any contained emotion, to be able to say “Yes, I can achieve my goals and fulfil my dreams.”
The workshop’s main song was a tune created by one of the inmates, inspired by the distance from her daughter, representing the feelings of the majority of incarcerated women who are mothers. It was a process of arduous rehearsals and laughter, but above all, high emotion and conversations about the importance of regaining belief in one’s own abilities to better fit into society.
At the end of the process, they agreed to record a music video with all the workshop participants, which is currently in the editing process for subsequent internal and media release.

FBP fosters a virtuous cycle of collaboration between tourism ventures

Once again FBP managed to unite wills to continue positioning themselves as articulators of positive instances in the Valparaíso ecosystem.
With a focus on the importance of preserving both tangible and intangible heritage, in addition to raising people’s awareness about the importance of the oceans, FBP’s Department of Outreach and Engagement created a space for exchange between projects that share these same ideas in addition to aiming to promote tourism in Playa Ancha.
Four organisations (Ganamar, Ecomapu, Rutas V Región, and Playa Ancha un Destino) met thanks to the foundation’s initiative and are ready to activate a system of cooperation between them to help Valparaíso rise again.

The elderly, a great legacy for Valparaíso

For the foundation, it has been crucial to work with agents of change who, through collaboration and the volunteering program, have developed activities to benefit the elderly in Valparaíso. In this case, the Occupational Therapy students at Universidad Andrés Bello are doing a series of interventions with the senior citizens of Fundación Javier Arrieta to learn more about their concerns, ailments, and shared housing problems. Other students will work with the Pacífico school (specifically with neurodivergent children), and a third group with the Playa Ancha Eleam centre.