January 2024

FBP inaugurates the Quillayes Community Food Garden in Playa Ancha

In accordance with FBP’s characteristic intention of joining forces and wills for the common good of the city, we decided to address the problem of a group of neighbours who urgently needed to recover a green area that was very poorly treated and being used for criminal purposes. Thus, the idea of a community food garden was born through the Volunteer Work program, which led not only to this recovery, but also to teamwork with our volunteers and locals.
The Valparaíso community was moved to such an extent that several other organisations joined our team: volunteers from the group Las Ecológicas de Porvenir Alto; members of the Playa Ancha un Destino entrepreneurs’ association, who expressed their intention to replicate the same model in their sector; and the Viña del Mar Botanical Garden, which donated native trees, an instance that opened the doors for us to a new collaboration agreement that we are ready to sign.
This inauguration established a very relevant precedent, where we confirmed once again the importance of joining hands, willpower, good intentions and love for the city.

FBP signed agreement with Gendarmerie

A collaboration agreement was signed in which it is agreed that both parties will support each other’s dissemination efforts, as well as work from their respective positions to contribute to the city of Valparaíso.
In particular, this is happening today with the development of FBP Volunteering at the Women’s Penitentiary Center and which we hope to continue during 2024, through workshops of different kinds.

SERNATUR actively supports and collaborates in the CMCD “Canto a lo Porteño” call for entries

Today, this new call has the support of different collaborators such as Sernatur (Servicio Nacional del Turismo), OEI (Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos), Instituto Profesional Arcos and Duoc.
Sernatur decided to support this initiative after resolving that Valparaíso needs to revive the positive actions of its own inhabitants, while at the same time considering the vision that visitors from other cities or countries have for the port city.
Sernatur committed to carrying out a “Tourism Survey”, which was delivered to tour operators so that they could conduct it with passengers from cruises, hotels and hostel guests, and others. All the positive concepts that characterise the unique sensations that Valparaíso offers will be stored online and provided to the musicians participating in Canto a Lo Porteño, for the creation of a new and hopeful song for the city.

FBP committed to providing training tools for entrepreneurs

FBP and the Ya Caché organisation joined together to collaboratively promote and enhance training for agents of positive change, within the framework of the Te Quiero Valparaíso program.
The idea is that young entrepreneurs can be provided tools to design, execute and manage their projects based on the best practices of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
This training is carried out at the facilities of HIT Cowork, another FBP collaborator that opened its doors for Valparaíso entrepreneurs to advance. The workshop lasts 4 months and is completely free.