February 2024

Music as a tool for positive change in Valparaíso

Through its program “Musical Cities a Click Away” (Ciudades Musicales a un Clic de Distancia, CMCD), El Buen Puerto recorded the first episode of “Musical Gatherings” (Tertulias Musicales), a new video format that aims to address topics of interest in current musical events in Valparaíso, in a pleasant conversation with musical artists that is subsequently recorded on the CMCD YouTube channel.
The first episode was about “Jazz and Valparaíso’s Heritage”, and had the participation of Francisco Saldes (producer at Maniobra de Jazz and researcher of the work of Chilean jazz pioneer Pablo Garrido), Pedro Sepúlveda (pianist and founder of Reineta Jazz Band), José Moraga (trombonist, musical arranger and director of his own Jazz Orchestra), and Camilo Carramiñana (saxophonist who recently released his album).
The historic Cafetería Waddington in Playa Ancha was the setting chosen for this gathering, in which we mainly shed light on the work and legacy of Valparaíso musician and journalist Pablo Garrido, pioneer of jazz in Chile.
Several “Musical Gatherings” are scheduled for 2024, which will be held at Instituto Profesional Arcos de Valparaíso, with the aim of actively involving students from different areas of music, as well as from other musical cities in the world.The Valparaíso community was moved to such an extent that several other organisations joined our team: volunteers from the group Las Ecológicas de Porvenir Alto; members of the Playa Ancha un Destino entrepreneurs’ association, who expressed their intention to replicate the same model in their sector; and the Viña del Mar Botanical Garden, which donated native trees, an instance that opened the doors for us to a new collaboration agreement that we are ready to sign.
This inauguration established a very relevant precedent, where we confirmed once again the importance of joining hands, willpower, good intentions and love for the city.

Training plan focused on young people from Valparaíso

With the objective of promoting education and training in various disciplines among young students in Valparaíso, Fundación El Buen Puerto is permanently seeking strategic alliances with entities that help primary and secondary education students improve their skills and competencies. For example, last February a collaboration agreement was signed with the Local Public Education Service, which administers 66 schools in Valparaíso.
For its part, Fundación Enseña Chile carried out field work in Valparaíso, in which it detected that students from 5th to 8th grade (equivalent to Years 6 to 9) have not been introduced to leadership matters, despite this being the best age to receive this type of induction and thus reduce gaps with private education students.
To remedy this situation, FBP met with academics from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez to develop, through the Leadership Diploma program, a methodology applicable to children of those ages. The objective is for students to be trained and connected to positive actions, recovery of spaces, local Valparaíso endeavours, and success stories, so that they recognise and incorporate good leadership from an early age.
Fundación Forja Chile, which works on leadership training, will also participate in the process. They will analyse the appropriate tools to carry out agreed upon interventions.

“Canto a lo Porteño” surveys complete their first stage

In February, the first stage of the foundation’s in-person citizen survey with the inhabitants of Valparaíso and its visitors was completed. It was carried out with the pelican mascot “Panchito”, with whom the foundation visited different points of the city, such as lookouts, squares, promenades, the pier and historical sites, collecting positive and hopeful words from those who love Valparaíso, the general public and also those visiting the heritage city for the first time.
In the coming months, the second stage of the survey will begin online, to capture the pulse and impression of Valparaíso according to those who follow El Buen Puerto on social media. To make participation more active, every fifteen days (during March and April) a draw will be held for prizes and incentives among those who participate in the citizen survey and consultation.