February 2024

Selection of organisations that will work on cultivating leadership

In October 2023, the Chile + Hoy board of directors made the decision to no longer provide funds to Fundación Dignidad Chile, whose work consisted of recruiting young leaders with proven potential, contributing to their formation and supporting their social endeavours. The board considered that the results and impact were not sufficient given the time and resources invested, and that it had not defined a clear enough purpose.
Nevertheless, the board decided to continue doing tactical and strategic work in La Pintana, in order to enhance civic culture, transfer the fundamental values of Chile + Hoy, and cultivate positive young leaders who promote responsible freedom and civic commitment.
To that end, we searched for civil society organisations that are doing direct work in La Pintana, looking especially at those that can demonstrate impact, good governance, a clear purpose and measurable programs.
After evaluating five proposals and presentations, in January we decided to contribute to the global budgets of three of them, with the initial objective of getting to know them in the field, accompanying them and monitoring their results.
They are Pacto Social, Conboca and Mar de Chile.

Agreement with CEFIS and SOCIEDAD EN ACCION to conduct studies

This year, in line with our conviction that information and metrics are essential to making good decisions and moving along the right path toward solving public problems, along with other donor foundations, we decided to contribute to the following studies:

CEFIS: This organisation, in association with Adolfo Ibáñez University, proposes the establishment of a Philanthropy Barometer, a longitudinal study that periodically reviews the economic, legal and cultural conditions that favour or hinder the development of philanthropic activity in Chile.
The study comprises two sections:

1) Trend analysis
2) Philanthropy Index



SOCIETY IN ACTION: Since 2015, Society in Action has aimed to highlight the role of civil society organisations in Chile, through the collection of evidence, data and indicators that allow the work of different organisations to be positioned as a public interest topic.

They proposed six specific initiatives to be developed within two years, in order to contribute toward civil society assuming a leadership position rather than one that is merely reactive. These studies are:
1) Civil society map: update and visualisation
2) Registry of civil organisations
3) Voices of civil society
4) The role of civil society in a liberal democracy
5) Economic size of civil society
6) Regulation of the relationship between the state and civil society

Studies 1 and 2 will be prioritised. In both cases, there is already an initial registry, which will be updated.
• Civil society map
• Registry of civil organisations

Delivery of funds to the Vida Mejor grant beneficiaries

On January 31, Chile + Hoy officially presented the contributions to the eight foundations that benefited from the Vida Mejor grant. This aid seeks to recognize the initiative and commitment of organisations that are taking charge of the integration and mental health of the elderly, their care (both in residences and at home), the promotion of active ageing, infrastructure and equipment.
They are Hogar de Cristo, Fundación Más Familias, Fundación Caminatas, Fundación Gerocultura, Fundación Revivir, Fundación RAFA – Comunidades que Sanan, and Hogar Italiano.