November 2023

Launch of the Roadmap for the Sustainable Development of the Llanquihue Lake Basin

On Wednesday, November 29, in the city of Puerto Varas, the Roadmap for the Sustainable Development of the Llanquihue Lake Basin was officially launched. This agreement represents a unique opportunity to advance the implementation of an action plan constructed and validated transversally to care for the Llanquihue Lake basin and, at the same time, promote the sustainable development of the territory.
This process has shown that the private sector, the central and regional government, academia and civil society, are all willing and committed to collaborate and find common ground to reverse – while it is still possible – the damage caused by lack of planning, and at the same time, prevent greater damage in a timely manner, to ensure the sustainability of the lake and the basin in the future.

Presentation of book “Free Market Environmentalism” at Fundación para el Progreso’s Valdivia headquarters

Chile Lagos Limpios participated in the launch of the book “Free Market Environmentalism”, by economists Terry L. Anderson and Donald R. Leal, which maintains and demonstrates, in a comprehensive and rigorous manner, that far from solving and contributing to the defense and promotion of the protection of nature and natural resources, governments often end up aggravating existing problems. On the other hand, the market, with its spontaneous and creative forces, and a precise definition and defense of property rights, the problems of nature receive a better solution, as demonstrated by the numerous examples that the book provides.
The launch, which took place at Fundación para el Progreso’s offices in Valdivia, was attended by José Gerstle, founder of Photosinthesis, and Pablo Pasten, Professor of Economics at Universidad San Sebastián.

Interview with Pedro Carcuro

The executive director of Chile Lagos Limpios, Fernando Coz, was invited to the Radio Agricultura program Rompecabezas, hosted by Pedro Carcuro. On the occasion, Fernando spoke about the work that Chile Lagos Limpios is doing in northern Patagonia, and the trip to Lake Tahoe.
It was a relaxed and very enjoyable conversation, which showed how much Chileans care about the lakes in southern Chile.