March 2023

Lake Champions Trip

In March, Fundación ChLL was very active. From the 16th to the 23rd of this month, the Lake Champions Trip was held, which included a delegation of philanthropists and businessmen from California, all in one way or another related to the preservation of Lake Tahoe in that state. This trip was carried out in the context of FChLL’s work in the North-Patagonian lakes and its alliance with Lake Tahoe. They also visited Pucón, Villarrica, Riñihue, Puerto Varas, Puerto Octay, Frutillar, Cochamó and Puelo.

Lake Champions lunch

On March 20 in Puerto Octay, 30 people from Chile and the United States joined one another for the Lake Champions lunch. Among the participants were Bernadette M. Meehan (US ambassador to Chile), Tomás Gárate (mayor of Puerto Varas), Chilean philanthropists, and authorities from the Llanquihue basin. During the meeting, participants struck up an informal conversation about effective strategies for the preservation and sustainable development of lakes and other freshwater bodies in Chile and California.