December 2023

SEMINAR | Chile facing the advancement of illicit markets

AthenaLab and the National Prosecutor’s Office held a seminar on illicit markets, where representatives of the public, private and civil society sectors agreed on the need to work together against the advancement of organised crime, which breaks down public economic order and is responsible for the security crisis that Chile and the region are experiencing.
Presentation, photo gallery and interviews with the co-director of InSight Crime.

INTERVIEW | "Weapons must be developed like a mother prepares food for her children." Edward Luttwak

Commenting on the keys to the military innovation of Israel, in conversation with AthenaLab, the prestigious strategist Edward Luttwak stated that “Weapons must be developed like a mother prepares food for her children, not like a luxury restaurant”.

DIPLOMACY | AthenaLab participated in the Foreign Policy Advisory Council

As a member of the External Policy Consulting Council, the executive director of AthenaLab, Juan Pablo Toro, participated in the meeting convened by Minister Alberto Van Klaveren to review the 2023 milestones and plan for the next year.

COMMENTARY | Argentina’s Foreign Policy: The Quest for New Alliances and Economic Reform

The executive director of AthenaLab, Juan Pablo Toro, wrote an article for the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). According to him, Javier Milei’s foreign policy focuses on the search for markets for Argentina and greater harmony with the West.

BALANCE | Security Agenda: the fast track movements

With two weeks left to meet the final proposed deadline for the processing of public security bills, it is timely that we analyse the composition of the proposed legislative package, the progress it has made and where the main delays are to date. Pilar Lizana and Agustín Soto.

The project continues: SPECIAL | Security agenda: Fast track analysis)

BOOKS | The highlights of 2023, according to AthenaLab

Our annual list of outstanding books of the year reflects the growing conflict level globally, since several volumes are dedicated to analysing current wars and evaluating developments in weapons, tactics, and possible future scenarios.