April 2024

Geopolitical update of Campo de Hielo Sur

This endeavour arises from the need to focus the study and analysis on the extreme areas of our country, in order to identify their main geopolitical and security challenges. An AthenaLab team spent ten days in this part of Patagonia, in order to conduct an in situ study.

“Putting South America back on the French Map of the Indo-Pacific” (IFRI) - “Europe Facing the Indo-Pacific: Ambitions and Realities” (AthenaLab)

The imminent visit of ships from the Italian and French navies to the Chilean coast became an excellent opportunity to reflect on the role of European navies in the Indo-Pacific theatre. IFRI researcher Céline Pajon and AthenaLab executive director Juan Pablo Toro write about it.

Edward Luttwak: “The calculation they are making in Israel is whether a counterattack is going to improve day-to-day security”

In the context of his visit to Chile and the International Air and Space Fair, renowned military consultant and author of strategy books Edward Luttwak stated in an interview with AthenaLab that Iran’s latest attack against the Jewish State demonstrated to the world the effectiveness of the Israeli military industry, which is based on rapid and constant innovation.